24 03 2010

Congratulations to our Regional Commissioner, Lungie, on her recent appointment as Deputy Chief Commisioner!

Congratulations also to Mpho who was elected onto the National boards as a Youth Member! She was also awarded the Naledi (young star) award.

Well done!


Easter eggs

20 03 2010

Easter is nearing, and the guides painted easter eggs last night! Shari, Nicky and I blew the eggs out in the afternoon before theĀ  guide meeting. Thank you for your help!

At the meeting, the guides painted the eggs with care, producing some lovely works of art! And not one egg was broken!!! Congratulations girls!

We also made easter egg boxes to put our eggs into.

We have now completed clause 5 of the Discoverer’s Challenge – making crafts using natural materials.

Well done to Vicky who received her Discoverer’s Challenge, Arts and Crafts flash and to Shari who was awarded her Explorer’s Challenge core!

Don’t forget about the Regional Toy Drive and AGM on the 10th of April! See you there!

Guide meetings start again on the 16th of April. Enjoy the holidays!

Centenary Mascot Handover!

20 03 2010

We met at the Union Buildings early in the morning on the 13th of March. All of the Teddies, Brownies, Guides and Rangers in the region were there. We played games together until the bus arrived. We then drove through Pretoria on an open bus, singing, cheering and yelling. The girls from our guide company went wild with their vuvuzelas! Guiding is still alive!

When we reached Bamber, we continued with the centenary mascot handover event. Some of our guides and brownies participated in the centenary act and tree planting. Well done girls!

The event closed with prayer, after which refreshments were served. Thank you to all who attended!

Approximate measurements for Guide Sash

19 03 2010

If your sash isn’t wide enough, then put the Explorer’s Challenge below the Discoverer’s Challenge.


13 03 2010

T-shirts, stencils and plenty of colourful paint made for a pretty awesome evening!

The girls made stencils out of cardboard in the shape of GGASA’s logo. Using these and a stencil that I’d made (with the name of our girl guide company) we decorated our T-Shirts.

The girls completed clause 8 of the Discoverer’s Challenge Arts and Crafts flash. Well done!

Interest Badge Evening

7 03 2010

On Friday evening, guides and brownies arrived at the Guide Hall lugging baskets of equipment and bags of things necessary for the badges they were going to be tested on that evening! One guide even brought her pet dog!

The interest badge evening proceeded smoothly and many Interest Badges were earned. Congratulations to all the guides who earned badges!

Between being tested for badges, the guides made picture frames with shells and corrugated cardboard. Well done girls! We’re now two-thirds done with clause 5 of the Discoverer’s Challenge Arts and Crafts flash…

Next week we’ll be stencilling T-shirts! Remember to bring a plain white T-shirt with to the guide meeting to stencil on!