Face Painting!

29 05 2010


Sticky Fingers

21 05 2010

The evening kicked off with refreshments provided by Linda and Jessica. Thanks girls! 🙂 It was delicious. They both earned a clause from the Home and Yourself flash. They also presented a short show showcasing some of the highlights of Guiding this year so far. They both earned the Discoverer’s Arts and Crafts flash, and Linda also earned the Discoverer’s Core. Congratulations girls!

We then carried on with our activities for the evening.  We made “dadelballetjies” (Date Balls) using our gas stove, and ingredients, of course! We all enjoyed getting hands on with the ingredients, and all ended up with very sticky fingers! Needless to say, the final products were much appreciated!

Here’s the recipe. Leave me a comment if you enjoy the recipe!

  Date balls            
( 250 ) 125g dates     Cut in small pieces    
( 125 ) 62,5ml butter     Melt over medium heat in a pot and add the dates. Stir the mixture with a wooden spoon.  
( 60 ) 30 ml sugar     Beat together until creamy  
( 1 ) ½ egg     Fold in carefully, but quickly, and stir until mixture thickens. Place the pot in a sink of cold water. 
        Quickly fold in the following ingredients before the mixture becomes too hard:
( 5 ) 2ml vanilla essence     While the pot is still in the sink, mix in the vanilla essence.  
( 18 ) 9 Marie biscuits (1/4 packet)     Put the Marie biscuits in a plastic sandwich bag and crush fine with a rolling pin. Add to the mixture and let the mixture cool down.
( 80-100 ) 40-50ml coconut     Make little balls ( about 2cm in diameter ) and roll them in the coconut.   

Better late than never!

11 05 2010

I haven’t posted in a while – I apologise for that. Truth is, I (the guider) have been snowed under with university tests. Somehow or other, the university seems to think that the exact time when we would meet for our guide meetings is the perfect time to schedule semester tests! And three weeks in a row as well!!!

So, Shari has been running guides for me while I’ve been incapacitated by tests. Thanks for your willingness and hard work Shari!

Two weeks ago, the guides enjoyed making pancakes (and eating pancakes.) They also made Mother’s Day cards with origami butterflies and played a ball game using emergency telephone numbers.

Last week, they made dairy-free chocolate sauce and feasted on ice cream and chocolate sauce, as well as revising gas safety concepts. They also learnt another knot to add to their knotting ‘repertoire!’ After enjoying ice cream and chocolate sauce, the guides ‘enjoyed’ washing the dishes!