Get ready for next week!

29 01 2011

Next week we’re inviting friends galore!

This week we made awesome invitations to hand out, which will make sure that all of the friends make it to Guides next week. We look forward to seeing lots of new faces there next week.

We also played some energetic games: Blowing ping pong balls and running relay races with ropes and chairs! We finished off the meeting by singing some campfire songs.

See you next week!


It’s a new year…

22 01 2011

And I welcome all of you back for a year filled with fun and guiding activities!

Unfortunately, due to the local school’s prefect camp being scheduled for this weekend, very few of our Guides were able to attend our first meeting of the year. That’s okay, though! We’re proud of your leadership achievements, girls!

We held a quiet meeting, making boxes to collect our Thinking Day cents in. We also wrote on postcards for the Thinking Day postcard exchange! This is the first year that we are doing this, so we are very excited to send out our postcards and see what postcards we receive in exchange!

We were glad to have a prospective new Guide, Tineke, with us. Welcome Tineke! We hope you will enjoy Guides!