About us

Glenstantia Girl Guide Company is a unit that runs from a Scout hall in Pretoria. We are members of the Girl Guide Association of South Africa and fall under the Gauteng North Region. Currently, our group consists of our Girl Guide Company (for girls between 10 and 14), a Brownie Pack (for girls between 7 and 10) and our little Teddy Den! (for girls between 4 and 7.)
Glenstantia Girl Guides:
We are a group of eight hyperactive girls and one only slightly scatterbrained leader! (The only slightly scatterbrained leader is also a medical student, hence the (all too) frequent lapses of activity on this blog! I apologise for this problem.)
We meet once a week at the Scout and Guide hall at the same time as the Brownies and the Teddies. During meetings we do interesting activities and crafts. We work on badgework. We play games and sing campfire songs. We learn useful skills to use on camp and other outdoor activities! We have fun!
Once we held a facepainting evening! Each Guide painted another Guide’s face in an interesting design. We can’t wait to do this activity again!
We love to build gadgets! Our ultimate triumph so far has been building a windy dryer that turned in the wind, so our dishcloths were always dry at camp!
Last year we went on a camp with other Guides in our region! We worked on outdoor badges, so took part in activities such as building a rope bridge, collecting moisture backwoods style, cooking over fires in tins and learning lots of knots! Even our patrols were named after different kinds of knots! This was a competition camp and at the end of the weekend, we went home as the proud and happy winners of the camp trophy!
Glenstantia Brownies:
We are a group of six Brownies and a couple of ‘Tweenies. (‘Tween not being a Brownie and being a Brownie!) Soon we will enrol our ‘Tweenies, then we will have even more Brownies.
We love doing crafts and playing games at Brownies. We also work on badge work during meetings, several of our Brownies are aiming to complete their Golden Hand badges this year.
We collect “bumph” (useful bits of rubbish like old boxes, bottles etc.) to give to a local nursery school who use these materials for crafts with the children.
Last year, we also went on a competition camp. One of the sixes that we sent to the camp won the trophy together with some girls from another Brownie pack! We made little stuffed animals for each of the Brownie sixes in South Africa: Duikers, Tortoises, Hares, Squirrels, Dassies and Bushbabies. We also created musical instruments out of what would usually be called junk! We worked on earning our Thrift badges.
Glenstantia Teddies:
We have two enrolled Teddies and two about-to-become Teddies in our Den.
We love being at Teddies. Our Teddy Teacher does lots of fun activities with us!
We enjoy doing crafts and making things. Sometimes we make food at Teddies. Once, we created a hedgehog by sticking toothpicks into a cucumber. We put bits of sausage and cheese onto the toothpicks.
We also like to see plants grow. We planted some hen and chickens outside our hall. We will water them every week so that they can grow nicely!
At the end of every meeting we sing campfire songs together with the Guides and the Brownies. Our favorite song is Oem plucky plucky!

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