26 02 2010

This evening Linda, Jessica and Lauren linked up from Brownies and we enrolled them as Guides! Welcome to our Guide Company, girls! We held a link-up ceremony for some of our older Guides as well, as we hadn’t done this at their enrolment ceremony.

After the enrolment, we discussed campfire blankets and the girls had an opportunity to look at their Guider’s (my) campfire blanket. While looking at all the badges sewn onto the campfire blanket, we discussed past guiding events, camps and fun days. We looked at the different regional badges and guide patrol emblems. We talked about Patrol Pennants. The girls were very interested in the old Brownie uniform, with straps attached to a skirt instead of a sash!

We then moved on to our next activity. We are working towards completing clause 5 of the Discoverer’s Challenge Arts and Crafts Flash: “Make three articles using different natural materials eg. leaf prints, bark rubbing, grass weaving, sand art, shells, seaweed.” This evening we made book covers using leaf prints. We covered leaves in paint, pressed them down on the paper and Voila! we had beautiful leaf prints!

Next week is Interest Badge Day! Remember to phone one of the testers to make an appointment to be tested for Interest Badges! We’ll be making shell picture frames in between the testing – don’t miss out!


A normal meeting

6 02 2010

This week, we started our meeting with a game to teach whistle signals. Our Brownies need to know the meanings of all the whistle signals in order to be enrolled as Guides so we played a very hyperactive running game whilst putting into practice all the whistle signals. I’m sure they’re less likely to forget them now!

After the game, the older Guides settled down to perform a unit good turn – sharpening ALL the Brownie’s pencils! We now have beautifully sharpened pencils that just can’t wait to be used!

During this time, the Brownies learnt about the World Flag of the Guide Association and the symbolism behind the flag.

After this, we practiced setting a map using a compass. We also measured the distance of a route on the map using the map scale. We also nicknamed one of the mountains on the map “chocolate pudding.”

Don’t forget! Next weeks meeting will not be held at the hall!

It’s raining eggs!

6 02 2010

The evening kicked off with the guides learning about gas safety and cooking a pot of popcorn on our gas equipment. The popcorn was delicious!

Our Brownies learnt about the Guide Law and Promise, while the older Guides updated their badge records.

Then we moved on to the egg competition!!! Two eggs had been suspended in plastic bags at a height of about a metre above the floor. The girls learnt about square lashing and built structures using dowel sticks, material, newspaper, glad wrap and plenty of string in order to catch the egg when it began to “rain.” Both teams successfully caught their eggs – neither one broke! Well done girls!