Breaking news!

13 03 2011

We have a new patrol!!!

On Friday evening, we officially divided the Guide Company into two patrols: The Kingfishers and the Cape Robins. Jamie is now the Patrol Leader for our new patrol, the Cape Robins, and Taryn is her Seconder. Linda is the new Seconder for the Kingfisher Patrol. Congratulations to all of you!

Tineke was enrolled as a Guide, as well, so this was quite an eventful meeting! Welcome to the family, Tineke, we’re very glad to have you!

After the ceremony, we played some inter-patrol games, the patrols wrote about themselves for the webpage, we enjoyed prizes of chocolate for the winning and second-placed patrols and as per usual, finished off with a song!


Welcome Guiding sisters!

20 02 2011

We would like to extend an extra-special welcome to anyone who has come to visit this site because of the Thinking Day Postcard exchange!

We loved hearing from each one of you! Thank you for all the postcards and E-Cards!

We hope that you enjoy browsing our site! Please leave a comment to tell us what you thought. We’d love that!

Feel free to take a look at our “About us” page if you want to know a little bit more about us. Our “Badges” page will tell you a little bit more about the South African Guide program. Check out our Archives if you want to know what happened a while ago.

Thank you for visiting!

Surviving on a desert island!

20 02 2011

We had a wonderful invite-a-friend evening, although it was sad that some of our friends were unable to make it.

We enjoyed an evening on a desert island. We melted chocolate and dipped marshmallows into the chocolate. That is, the chocolate that wasn’t eaten by this stage! Delicious!

Unfortunately, some of the guides “fell” out of the coconut palms, so we had to use triangular bandages to do up their arms in slings!

After creating a compass using a needle, magnet and a bowl of water, the guides used their improvised flags to signal for help. They then had to scavenge for materials to use to knot together a “rope” to pull the rescue boat in with!

Final verdict: A good time was had by all!

Get ready for next week!

29 01 2011

Next week we’re inviting friends galore!

This week we made awesome invitations to hand out, which will make sure that all of the friends make it to Guides next week. We look forward to seeing lots of new faces there next week.

We also played some energetic games: Blowing ping pong balls and running relay races with ropes and chairs! We finished off the meeting by singing some campfire songs.

See you next week!

It’s a new year…

22 01 2011

And I welcome all of you back for a year filled with fun and guiding activities!

Unfortunately, due to the local school’s prefect camp being scheduled for this weekend, very few of our Guides were able to attend our first meeting of the year. That’s okay, though! We’re proud of your leadership achievements, girls!

We held a quiet meeting, making boxes to collect our Thinking Day cents in. We also wrote on postcards for the Thinking Day postcard exchange! This is the first year that we are doing this, so we are very excited to send out our postcards and see what postcards we receive in exchange!

We were glad to have a prospective new Guide, Tineke, with us. Welcome Tineke! We hope you will enjoy Guides!

Happy holidays!

20 11 2010

We finished off the year with a campfire run by Shari as part of her Chief’s Challenge. Thank you to all the Guides, Brownies, Teddies and parents that attended. It was wonderful to see so many of you there!

After the campfire, the girls crowded around the campfire, eagerly toasting marshmallows to make S’mores. Meanwhile, the adults socialised inside the hall over a cup of tea. Thank you to everyone who brought a plate of eats. I’m sure that everyone appreciated the spread!

The Guides and Brownies also had a lot of fun with the sparklers that Linda’s mom brought. Thank you!

The campfire was a wonderful event! Thank you for organising it so well, Shari. We look forward to seeing you finish your Chief’s Challenge next year!

We will meet again on the 21st of January next year, and NOT on the 14th as I said in the letter. I apologise for the mistake that crept into the letter.

We will be having an invite-a-friend evening on the 28th of January next year. Start thinking about who you are going to invite now already! We’re going to have a lot of fun!

Christmas time is coming nearer!

6 11 2010

So the Guides made Christmas tree decorations using polystyrene balls, pins, beads and sequins. The decorations turned out to be lovely!

We had intended to spraypaint the polystyrene balls gold, before decorating them, however we made an important discovery! Polystyrene does not like spraypaint. At least, it does not like the spraypaint that we had at the meeting. See for yourself!

Finally, I have some very important news to announce. Jamie, Linda and Jessica have all finished their entire Discoverer’s Challenge! Well done! I am very proud of you!

Jamie was also appointed as the Seconder of the Kingfisher Patrol. We look forward to seeing your leadership skills develop, Jamie.

P.S. On the 19th of November our end-of-year campfire will be happening. It is being organised by Shari as part of her Chief’s Challenge. All parents and siblings are invited to come join us. This is going to be an awesome event. Don’t miss out!