Welcome back!

23 01 2010

Guides began yesterday evening! We welcomed Linda, Lauren and Jessica to Guides. They are moving up from Brownies and will be enrolled in a couple of weeks time.

We made Thinking Day boxes to collect cents in. Did you know that in earlier days the Guides used to polish their Thinking Day pennies before handing them in?

We also made cards to send to a Brownie Pack in KwaZulu Natal. Maybe we’ll also receive some Thinking Day cards!

Mapwork! We started learning about mapwork for the Explorer’s Out of Doors flash. The girls learnt to set a map by looking at landmarks around them. Next week we’ll learn to use a compass to set a map!

Congratulations Linda and Shari who won the contest for the longest rope knotted together out of things to be found on themselves! Well done also to Jamie, Jessica and Lauren who were the quickest to get back to normal afterwards.

See you next week for an interesting eggy competition!